Website Optimisation After a Search Engine Optimisation Project

Are you wondering why certain web sites have huge success , while other sites have a poor performance? Here are seven tips that will help make your site one of the most successful!


A number of studies suggest that you have just 10-30 seconds to captivate a viewer’s attention. If your website isn’t fast enough to load, the user is likely to get bored and shut the page. This means that they’ll say.. the website! sale.

Solution: Don’t use too many animations on your website. Make sure to compress the image files and host your site through a an experienced hosting company.

2. Website Design

Remember that you only have 10-30 seconds to catch the attention of visitors. Therefore, the design of your website is extremely crucial. The majority of people judge something based by its first appearance! When people visit your website, they’ll see a reflection of you. Make sure they like the reflection they see.

Your site should be enjoyable to view. Keep the same appearance and feel. Avoid using bright colors that stimulate the eyes and the senses. Make sure your text is simple to read. It is even better to place a great photo that you are on the website. Make sure your visitors be aware of who they are dealing withand tell your visitors that there’s an actual person behind the website!

Did my image catch your attention when the initial time you visited me on my site? I’m sure it did. I would like you to be able to see that I am an honest caring, genuine person who you like to do business with. (:)

3. Focus Your Site

Be sure to keep your site’s content on its intended objective. This will enable you target your audience quickly. For instance, if, for example, you’re looking to start the business of selling cars The majority of the content of your website will be focused on cars. Examples of your topics might include: My Car Collection, Tips for Buying A Good Car, Millennium Cars, The Secrets of Washing a Car and so on..! ()

Car Lovers are sure to enjoy your website, as you provide them with exciting information on topics they’re personally interested in.

If you’ve got a laser-focused site and great content it will lead to satisfied customers who will return to your website again and time. This allows you to offer them new products for sale on your website!

Do not clutter your website with too many products that aren’t related. If you own more than two or three unrelated products, create a distinct page for each rather than putting them all on one page. Make sure to do it with design and thinking. Your customers won’t appreciate the feeling of being duped by a product that isn’t worthy.

4. Keywords Density

A lot of site owners don’t or don’t understand their importance in Keywords. I’ve found websites that do not contain any keywords whatsoever. This is a death sentence for a site! A good keyword density will aid your website’s listing on the search engines!

Remember, the majority of people who visit websites get what they need by entering keywords into search engines. Therefore, design your website so that it is placed in the best possible position. Make sure you are focusing on your keywords. Use meta tags to include Keywords, descriptions, and titles.

If you are unsure the subject matter I’m talking about, or aren’t sure how to utilize HTML code, then please seek out someone who knows or buy a couple of good books (I could recommend two or three). It may sound extremely confusing, but it’s an extremely important aspects needed to build an improved and more profitable website.

5. Simple Navigation

Create a simple navigation on your website. If your f95zone customers have trouble finding your website to locate what they need and they are unable to find it, they will move on. Therefore, make sure you limit the options and make the selling process simple.

6. Make it easy to pay

If you offer an item, make sure you give your customer a choice of payment options. If your website does not provide a credit card option and you’re in danger of causing harm to your business…get one now. You can open an account for merchants, such as ClickBank or make use of one of the numerous credit card clearing businesses. Checks can be made online. Give an address to those who prefer paying by cash or check or money order. Also, give them a guarantee.

The payment process should be clear simple to use, and simple to make use of.

7. Credibility is Vital

Your professional web design isn’t going to sell in the event that people who visit your site don’t feel secure! So, provide legitimate contact information online. Email address, your mailing address, number, as well as a fax number should it be appropriate. If you’re reluctant to provide the details for your clients, what do they need to trust or purchase from you?

A domain name that is yours is crucial to establish your credibility. It makes you appear more professional. Choose a domain that is simple to remember and appropriate for your company.

Writing testimonials from happy customers is the best ways to boost your credibility. If a customer is able to read what others have to say about your company and your company, they are more likely to believe in your business!

Implementing the seven tips above will probably not help your site as well-known in the same way as Amazon or Yahoo within a short time! But..If they’re applied properly and are integrated into a larger web design and marketing strategy you can expect a significant improvements to your website’s visitors and sales!

Anne Ahira is an established business owner and a successful coach in her native country of Indonesia. She has helped thousands of Indonesian individuals in learning to earn money through the internet. Anne herself makes well over $175,000 per month! The success story of Anne has been reported in numerous national publications throughout Indonesia and her fame is growing rapidly in America. United States as well.

Earning a hefty income online can be a difficult task however, if you have the right details, it’s something you can be successful in!

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