Raw Food Snacks For a Healthy Lifestyle

You might have often heard of people eating 4 -5 raw food snacks throughout the day instead if the three meals a day system. If you have been wondering why these people eat so differently then the answer can get a little complicated.

First off all its just logical – think about it, when you eat three times a day you will want to eat as much as you can as your next meal is quite a few hours away which means you end up over eating which is how you end up taking in more than what is required. However when you eat small raw food snacks a few times a day you eat only as much as you feel is right which is far more natural and thus healthy.

Also raw vegan food is high in enzymes real food keto vitamins and minerals which are either diluted or wholly lost during the cooking process. The digestive enzymes present in food which are lost as a result of cooking means that your stomach will lack the enzymes required in digestion which will lead to stomach disorders such as constipation, gastritis and heartburn. It is worth noting that these problems are almost entirely experienced by people who live on cooked food and have minimal intake of raw food.

In fact a study in England and Wales had stated that a higher intake of raw vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, bean sprouts, can significantly reduce the threat of appendicitis. Most people who live on a vegan diet have as much as a 75% raw food in their diet and the remainder being only partially cooked.

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