Processionary caterpillars

The processionary caterpillars are back on Morangis, and a few Morangissois-es have just crossed them in the trees, around their nursery, or in civil green spaces.

The City advises you in insight concerning this unwanted and exceptionally stinging species.

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What is that ?

Processionary caterpillars are bugs with infinitesimal spear formed hairs that are stinging. It is these hairs which, scattered by the breeze or by man (cutting the grass, attempting to obliterate a parade …) can cause skin responses, like pimples, tingling … too in individuals than creatures.

Insurances to be taken

Above all else, you should realize that a home of processionary caterpillars for the most part contains a lot of stinging hairs, which is the reason their homes can stay stinging for quite a long while on the off chance that they are shielded from stickiness.

So be careful, don’t face superfluous and hazardous challenges, and contact an authorized proficient straightforwardly who will actually want to offer you the most reasonable answer for your circumstance.

The last have the fundamental gear to ensure themselves and can splash the insect spray from incredible statures.

Your City is making a move against processionary caterpillars

Following your various reports, the Town of Morangis has chosen to mediate rapidly despite territories and trees influenced by these processionary caterpillars.

A specific organization was dispatched to annihilate the entirety of the announced homes.

I have been contacted/my creature has been moved by a processionary caterpillar, how would it be a good idea for me to respond?

The stinging hairs of processionary caterpillars join themselves to hair and apparel, here are the insurances to embrace if there should arise an occurrence of contact:

With the skin on, clean up, washing with a lot of cleanser and water, and shampooing your hair.

With the eyes, wash them completely, ideally make a meeting with an ophthalmologist.

In the event that fundamental, utilize tacky paper to extricate the stinging hairs from the skin, somewhat like waxing. Brush hair completely if fundamental.

Take off all attire with gloves, wash them at the most elevated conceivable temperature (> 60 ° C) and dry in the dryer if conceivable.

Whenever gulped, weaken the measure of hair ingested by drinking a huge glass of water.

Antihistamines can assuage tingling, for some other manifestation and if there should be an occurrence of issue, it is prescribed to counsel your PCP.

With your creature: Take your creature straightforwardly to the veterinarian quickly, it is for him an essential crisis. Just he will actually want to do the suitable cleaning of the zone. Try not to chance doing it without anyone’s help without insurance: The hairs stay dynamic and you could be stung.

Study processionary caterpillars

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Update Monday, February 3, 2020

Since the distribution of this article, the City of Morangis has treated 140 trees in the City, in the accompanying regions:


Method of the Cheminet

Claude Bigot Gymnasium

Cold Boiled

Holy person Michel Park

Specialized administrations

Les Blés d’Or

The mediations are presently finished.

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